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Kanda Pat Dewa teaching teaches that everything in Bhuwana agung (Macrocosmos) is also found in Bhuana alit (Microcosmos), so that the Gods in Bhuwana Agung are actually in the human body. From there the god Nawa Sangga was worshiped and placed in the body, so that the human body would be like a god. Indeed Bhuwana Agung and Bhuana Alit are one, so that whatever is in Bhuwana Agung is also in Bhuana alit. Because (God) actually exists and has a place in the human heart. If we are able to understand the existence of God in us, we also have the same awareness as (God).

The spells spoken while studying Kanda pat Dewa are: Om bhatara Iswara, ring purwa prenahira, rupanira putih, kahyangan nira ring papusuh, senjatan nira bajra, merunira tumpang lima, babahanira ring kuping tengen, wetunira ring idep.

Meaning: Oh God, the power of Iswara, in the east of the place. the light is white, the place is at the heart, the weapon is bajra, its chakra is level 5, its strength appears in the right ear, its form appears in the Inner.

Om batara Brahma, ring daksina prenahira, rupanira bang, kahyanganira ring ati, senjatanira danda, merunira tumpang siya, babahanira ring mata tengen, wetunira ring panon, lintiran tan salah panon.

Meaning: Oh God, Strength of Brahma, in the south of the place. the light is red, the place is in liver / liver, the weapon is the mace, the chakra is level 9, the strength appears in the right eye, the form appears in tears, not the greeting of the eye.

Om batara Mahadewa, ring pascima prenahira, rupanira kunig, kahyanganira ring ungsilan, senjatanira nagapasa, merunira tumpang pitu, babahanira ring irung tengen, wetunira ring sabda.

Meaning: Oh God, Mahadewa Strength, in the western place. the light is yellow, the place is in the spleen, the weapon is nagapasa, its chakra is level 7, its strength appears in the right nose, its form appears in the voice.

Om batara Wisnu, ring uttara prenahira, rupanira ireng, kahyanganira ring ampru, senjatanira cakra, merunira tumpang papat, babahanira ring cangkem, weetunira ring pangwangan.

Meaning: Oh God, Wisnu’s strength, in the north of his place. the light is black, the place is in bile, the weapon is the chakra, its chakra is level 4, its strength appears in the ears of its mouth, its form appears in the shadow.

Om batara Siwa, ring madya prenahira, rupanira mancawarna, kahyangannira ring tumpuking ati, senjatanira padma, merunira tumpang solas, babahanira ring papusuh, wetunira ring manah, lintiranira tan salah manah.

Meaning: Oh God, Strength Siwa, in the middle of the place. the light is five colors, the place is in the esophagus, the weapon is lotus, its chakra level is 11, its strength appears in the heart, its appearance appears in the feeling, it doesn’t feel wrong.

Om Batara Guru, haneng madyaning awyakti prenahira, wetunira ring adnyana, lintiran angadegaken adnyana. Hyang Wisesa wetuning angen-angen ring byantara, babahanira ring uneng-unengan, lintiran angen-angen. 
Om Sang Bang Tang Ang Ing Nang Mang Sing Wang Yang, amepeki jagat bhuwana kabeh, anilahaken paksane, sakwehing kinaya-upaya, tuju teluh teranjana, desti, pepasangan, sesawangan, rerajahan, tan tumana ring awak sariranku, apan aku sarining Tunjung putih.

Meaning: Oh God, Master’s Strength, in the Silence of the heart where it belongs. the emergence in the spiritual soul, will give rise to the power of holy knowledge, the power of protection will appear on the Aura, it feels like inner intuition, it becomes the power of creation. The power of Dasa Aksara is mastered, influencing the power of the universe, all witchcraft, black magic. Teluh will not be able to touch it, because the self is the essence of the white tunjung.

If we are able to enter the spells above, then we will be able to be wise and be able to truly understand the Teacher in our hearts. Kanda Pat Dewa learning, requires patience, perseverance and submission that everything we get is really all depends on the mercy and grace of God Almighty. Hopefully by being able to understand this doctrine, human beings especially those who practice yoga are getting closer to their obligations as human beings, to find out what is their true purpose, namely moksartam jagadhita ya ca iti dharma. Reach moksa on the path of truth.

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