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Kanda Pat Sari
Speaking of the sentence above, it consists of three words including Kanda, Empat and Sari. The meanings contained in each of the words below will be explained, namely:
Kanda means Story = Speech = Advice
Four means Chakra = Horizon = World
Sari means = Time = Used = End

Word of Kanda explanation
The word Kanda is aimed at re-revealing or reaffirming, the existence of sublime pitfalls from our ancestors in the archipelago and Bali in particular. He said that in the reality of human life, which is how human beings are, no matter how intelligent someone is, no matter how powerful they are, no matter how rich they are, of course there is still life beyond humanity. Even the advantages, sometimes it comes suddenly when the human is finally made up. Of course, what is called having more power than humanity is God with all of His different qualities. All of His qualities have advantages, so that human beings before Him cannot be empowered. Someone may comment that he is the person of God, but what needs to be understood is that the position of man is always in shortcomings, limitations and dependencies.
Just a small example;
if mankind is told to create flies, of course they are incapable even though today they can create sophisticated and modern technology.
That’s where the shortcomings lie, now whether there is a life that grows on this Earth created by mankind, of course the answer is no. He said humanity was always within limitations, because their lives were not eternal, and they did not all know what was behind it and what happened today. Now can all the events be overcome, of course the answer is also not possible and there are still many limitations of mankind. Likewise humanity, he said, is always in dependence, because if there is no air, or no breath in the human body, of course they will die. Now whether humans can live without breath, of course the answer cannot, there are still many dependencies rather than human life. Therefore, this life requires caution, develop an attitude of introspection and awas paraning laku, all the events that are around us, presumably need to be examined first. The purpose of this presentation is so that we can distinguish, what is called God and what is said by humans. So it is clear that God, has a super-superficial nature and everything from everything, as for His human creation, a few even though his abilities have not arrived, compared to God Almighty.

Based on that incident, then the position of a person does not need to be exaggerated, especially culturing the meaning contained in Tatwa Kanda Empat Sari. As said above, God Almighty is not a human and that human is not God. If you remember this life, it does not come from them, it also gives life and life instead of him. That basic reality, which should be used as a guideline, to deliver this life so as not to deviate from the source. If there is a deviation, then the human being is exaggerated and worshiped, such an event should be reviewed.

Word of Empat explanation
The word four here means to talk that wherever human beings are, it is precisely where they directly adapt to the natural environment. That is to say where the earth is stepped on where the sky is upheld. That is where humanity lives to blur with each other in a different atmosphere. In accordance with the will of God Almighty, so that the life of humanity can be prosperous in the Bhineka realm, then we are all expected to play an active role in being able to develop tolerance which is mutual respect, care, care. In order to realize a harmonious life, we are all expected to be aware and willing to develop mutual respect, among religious people and mutual respect, among believers in God Almighty, so that we can live harmoniously, harmoniously and in harmony, according to the basis of the Godhead Almighty, according to the basis of just and civilized humanity.

Because after all, human beings are around us, they are all the same story before God Almighty, even they are from him. The life of human beings around us, all of them are our spouse and their status has the same obligation, which is trying mamayu rahayuning sarire and memayu rahayuning buwono. In the reality of life wherever mankind is domiciled precisely in that place also directly they have a mate who is later called sedulur papat kelima pancer.

That is to say, if we show ourselves, wherever we are precisely there, of course we have neighbors in front of us who occupy the right direction, who are behind, who occupy the left, including friends of life in one household or family as sedulur papat kalima pancer. If the understanding of sedulur papat kalima pancer is more enlarged the scope will appear in front of us is a friend living in the community of the nation and state.

Word of Sari explanation
As for the meaning of the word Sari, it is meaningful to reveal, that life is expected to be able, so that it leaves a mark (Sari) of its meaning before we are called by the Almighty God, or we are given the confidence to live, on this occasion, we strive maybe so that later it can leave a mark / service that is useful to the wider community. Humans as representatives of God, are expected to do their best, so that in turn we will become role models. Tatwa Kanda Empat Sari, meaning to tell at length, about the world of people who have entered the Household. That is, if life is already married, it means that we have said that we are old and at the same time have a sense of responsibility, especially to our family and ourselves.

In general, if we are already married, at least starting from that time, our lives already have a program, about what will be given to children as their generation. In addition, when we are old, when it’s the opposite, we carry out the Pewintenan Ceremony, with the aim of purifying ourselves from the spiritual. The word Sari besides revealing the remnants / marks, is also meaningful to mention, the noble values ​​of the Almighty God. He is the sole creator, the existence of the World and its contents. The incident is a sari / imprint, from God, then fully surrendered to mankind. It means that even though God, the only one as the Creator, but in its arrangement, is charged to mankind as His representative. So the end of life’s purpose, the essence is to find a peaceful life in the World and peace in Heaven. Now to explore this life, to its destination, according to the belief that developed in the Archipelago or Bali society, it is pursued in two ways, namely: Sekala and Niskala.

From Kanda Pat Bhuta who is awidya (stupid) to Kanda Pat Sari who has the widya (smart) nature. For this reason, here will be described Pasuk (insert) and Wetu (removing) from Kanda Pat the sari. Removing means to maintain personal safety.

The following is a mantra to enter Kanda Pat in the body (Pasek) and remove the Kanda Pat from the body.
Enter Kanda Pat Sari into the body, the mantra:
I Ratu Ngurah Tangkeb Langit, manjing akena amarga marig lambe, anerus alungguh ring Papusuh.
I ratu Wayan Tebeng, manjing akena amarga maring soca (eye), anerus alungguh ring Hati.
I Ratu Made Jelawung, manjing akena amarga maring karna, anerus alungguh ring Ungsilan (kidney)
I Ratu Nyoman Sakti Pengukiman, manjing akena amarga maring irung (nose), anerus alungguh, Amperu ring (guts).
I Ratu Ketut Petung manjing akena amarga maring Pabaan (crown), anerus alungguh ring Bungkahin Hati (keneh / feeling)

Take out Kanda Pat Sari from the body to protect our safety (Wetu). The mantra:

I Ratu Ngurah Tangkeb Langit, ring papusuh, wetu sire amarga maring lambe (cangkem), alungguh ring arepku, kemit ingsun ring arep, yan ana satrunku dating maring arep, geseng basmi saterunku kabeh kang ana dateng ring arep.
I Ratu Wayan Tebeng, ring hati, wetu sire amarga maring soca, alungguh ring bahuku tengen, kemit ingsun ring tengen, yan ana saterunku dating maring tengen, geseng basmi saterunku kabeh kang ana dating ring tengen.
I Ratu Made Jelawung, ring ungsilan, wetu sire amarga maring karna, alungguh ring ungkur samangahan, kemit ingsun ring pungkur, yan ana saterunku dating maring pungkur, geseng saterunku kabeh kang ana dating ring pungkur.
I Ratu Nyoman Sakti Pengadangan, ring ampere, wetu sire amarga hirung, alungguh ring bahuku kiwa,kemit ingsun ring kiwa, yan ana dating saterunku maring kiwa, geseng basmi saterunku kabeh kang ana dating ring kiwa.
I Ratu Ketut Petung, ring bungkahin hati, raksa awak sariranku kabeh, geseng basmi tan pasesa saterunku kabeh kang ngupita ala ring aku. Aku jaya langgeng urip, tan keneng baya pati, teguh aku ring jero, teguh aku ring jaba, teguh3x, Ong sidhi-mandi wakya ngucap, teka sidhi3x, Ong , Sang, Bang, Tang, Ang, Ing.

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